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Property Management

           We provide all the information…

           •Sperry Commercial believes that property reports and information
           should be provided to the client regularly.  Reports should be complete,

           accurate and consistent.  The client should be provided with a clear
           understanding of the performance of their real estate.

           Sperry Commercial provides monthly comprehensive reporting
           packages.  We believe in full transparency and we want to ensure that
           ownership has all of the financial tools to know and understand their real

           The following is a list of reports provided monthly by Sperry Commercial:

                   •A Detailed Executive Report Narrative
                   •Cash Flow statements and 12 Month Trend Reports
                   •Bank Statements and Reconciliation Reports
                   •General Ledgers detailing all monetary activity
                   •Balance Sheets
                   •Budget Variance Reports

                   •Rent Roll Reports
                   •Tenant Delinquency Reports
                   •Outstanding Payables Reports
                   •An Asset Management summary
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