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Property Management

        •We believe tenants make their decisions early in

        their relationship with Property Management.

        Property Management, and therefore tenant

        retention, is really a management service.

        Managers are trained like Owners to talk and

        negotiate renewal options and terms.

             • This is obvious when considering that the cost of replacing a

                tenant is three to five times higher than the cost of keeping
                them. It can be a critical time when changing ownership or

                management companies.

             • We believe the best time to contact tenants for renewal is a
                year in advance to maintain the relationship.

                • Most people do not deal well with change;

                     therefore, during this time tenants have a

                     tendency to feel concerned.

                       • To address this issue and alleviate any

                           stress on tenants, we have devised and
                           successfully implemented a team approach
                           to property management conversions.

                       • Having successfully converted numerous
                           properties quickly in the past, we know
                           achieving this timely conversion is not

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