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Property Management


                       YOU MONEY!
                                                                         We are an

      We understand the owner mentality                       accomplished member

      inside out.  Since we own over                          of the Institute of Real

      9,000,000 square feet of properties                       Estate Management

      ourselves, we never lose sight of the                         and are globally

      bottom line.  We work hard to make
      money and save money!  Our                               recognized by proudly

      services are the next best thing to                     holding our Accredited

      managing it yourself.                                           Management

      The significant savings on insurance                              designation.

      with our Master Policy Premiums

      alone reduces costs and practically

      pays for our management fee. Also,
      owners have 24 hours / 7 days a week

      access to our real time accounting                                           Institute of

      through our website.  We provide                                             Real Estate
      comprehensive monthly reports and

      transparent communications.

      We deliver customized solutions for                                             Accredited

      your unique ownership needs.  Let us
      put our experienced management                                                  Management

      team to work for you!                                                           Organization
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