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Property Management

           Site Management:             Physical Inspections – Sperry Commercial, Inc.
                                        thoroughly inspects properties for aesthetics and risk

                                        Vendor Management – Sperry Commercial, Inc.
                                        oversees property vendors.  Necessary bids are obtained
                                        for both budgeting and operational purposes.

                                        Tenant Retention – Sperry Commercial, Inc. will work
                                        with Ownership and Tenants to reduce property vacancy
                                        exposure.  Property Managers build relationships with
                                        tenants to be proactive with lease expirations minimizing

                                        Rent Collections – Sperry Commercial, Inc works
                                        aggressively to collect tenant balances.  Billing
                                        statements are sent to tenants to ensure that tenants are
                                        aware of their charges.  With the relationship built with
                                        tenants Property Managers are often able to foresee
                                        financial challenges that may arise.

                                        Create Value – Sperry Commercial, Inc looks at creative
                                        ways to increase value, marketability and stability of the
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