Page 10 - SperryCRE Property Management Presentation
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Property Management

           Transition Plan:             Sperry Commercial, Inc. uses both internal and outside
                                        resources to manage and maintain the real estate
                                        managed for our clients.

                                        Within 14 days we will meet all the current tenants and
                                        address any issues discussed by ownership.

                                        Within 30 days we will fully inspect all of the interior and
                                        exterior building areas.  We will review the property for
                                        outstanding liability, maintenance and aesthetic issues.  A
                                        recommendation action plan will be provided to
                                        ownership and bids will be acquired for budgeting

                                        Within 30 days we will assess all operational services
                                        necessary.  We will work with vendors to assess abilities
                                        and ensure expectations.  We will re-bid all contracts with
                                        new vendors and existing vendors as necessary.

                                        Within 45 days budgets will be completed for owner
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