Why Diversity Will Be The Leading Advantage In Brokerage

Diversity is going to be the most important advantage in brokerage as our industry moves forward. The opportunity to access clients and build relationships across cultures, markets and countries will only grow, and any firm gains from building on its diversity.

Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates LLC and BRC Advisors Inc. recently joined forces to provide a platform that recognizes this opportunity. James Huang founded BRC Advisors Inc. in 2004 with a commitment to encouraging multicultural and gender diversity. As an Asian-American business owner, James and this team have built a reputation and expertise in working within the unique submarkets that are particularly attractive to foreign investors.

Consider the increasing level of foreign investment in the U.S. Commercial real estate in the U.S. is attractive because it is considered a safe shelter for long term investments. BRC Advisors, Inc. is accessing this investment through its offices in locations such as Koreatown where the flow of foreign money is strong. More importantly, the firm builds relationships because it knows the markets, business cultures, and better reflects its investor base.

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